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What services do I offer?

From basic administration and scheduling meetings to bookkeeping and researching your next family holiday, I can help. I’ll be your dedicated and super organised Virtual Assistant and side-kick to help support you and your business making sure everything that’s important to you and your clients is looked after. 


  • Word processing

  • Formatting

  • Proofreading

  • Bookkeeping

  • Data Entry

  • Research

  • Customer Service

  • Event Support


  • Email Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Scheduling 

  • Travel Management

  • Reports

  • Presentations


  • Research Rates & Times

  • Travel Bookings

  • Travel Amendments

  • Itineraries

  • Reservations


  • Scheduling Posts

  • Canva Graphics

  • Engagement

  • Source Content


  • Paying Bills

  • Booking Reservations

  • Holiday Research & Bookings

  • Event Tickets

  • Personal Online Shopper

  • Schedule Home Repairs

  • Purchasing of Gifts


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an administrative professional who works remotely and can help assist you with those time-consuming tasks that free you up to spend your time and energy directly with clients and focus on growing your business. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors which means we look after our own superannuation, leave benefits and computer equipment, with none of these costs paid by you. It's a cost effective way to hire help instead of hiring an in-house employee.

How do we communicate?

Working with remote staff is incredibly rewarding, but the logistics of it is naturally very different. Clear lines of communication between both parties will help us work together more effectively. I use Slack, Gmail, Asana, Trello and mobile as forms of communication with clients. I am happy to work with you in finding what your preferred form of communication may be.

How do you track time?

Every second I spend on client work is recorded using a time tracking app. I provide my clients with a time summary at the end of each month with a break down of projects and tasks worked on for their records.

How will you keep my information safe?

You can rest assured that your information is in safe hands. Any logins, passwords, and credit card details are kept secure using encrypted software and my devices are up to date and protected with antivirus software. I understand the importance of both confidentiality and security. 

Is it a locked in contract?

I provide three monthly retainer packages which all require a three-month contract signed. At the end of the three months the contract will either continue for the next quarter on the same package or you can change packages.  Some clients like to sign a six-month contract which you're more than welcome to do. I do love long term clients! If you decide to cancel my services a two week notice period is required before the contract end date.


I do provide a trial package for new clients with a no lock-in contract for the first month. More information can be found in Plans & Pricing.

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