Sick of seeing your email inbox count piling up daily? Over having to be the main point of contact and so easily accessible to just about anyone? Maybe you need someone with a business mindset to brainstorm ideas with and implement a new service or product? I'm your gal.

My services are broken down into position-based retainer packages. For me to provide you with the best possible assistance clarity on the set tasks I help you with is crucial and it all depends on your requirements. Just like different corporate roles have different responsibility levels and rates so do my packages. 

All services are subject to availability. Clients are accepted by application only to make sure we're the right fit.

Let's be honest, you're the real MVP here but I'm happy to take that second position as your Online Business Manager. Your business is booming, and all of your hard work is becoming a reality but with all of that hard work comes increased screen time, decreased free time, overwhelm and that “lonely at the top” feeling. Well, not on my watch! I put in the time, support, dedication, strategy, and care to help both you and your business succeed, and continually grow. This package is all about the BIG PICTURE thinking and implementation with some admin on the side. 

Online Business Manager Responsibilities:

  • Strategies to Meet Business Goals & Plan Your World Domination

  • Recruit & Train New Team Members

  • Delegation to Team Members

  • Regular Evaluations to Determine Areas of Improvement

  • Project Management

  • Processes & Policies

  • Ad hoc Administration

  • Fortnight Zoom Meetings

Packages from 30 hours a month at $65 per hour

Oprah and Richard Branson don't manage their own inboxes or be available to just anyone, so why should you? Hiring an Executive Assistant is the next big step in your business when you decide you're ready to take your business to the next level and adapt that CEO mindset. With business growth comes team expansion. I'm your EA, chaos controller and savvy organisational queen. This package is perfect for those who require tasks to be completed on a regular and on-going basis. 

​Executive Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Email Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Scheduling

  • Ad hoc Administration

  • Travel Bookings

  • Lifestyle Support

  • Online Research

  • Basic Bookkeeping

  • Podcast Production & Support

  • Monthly Zoom Meetings

Packages from 20 hours a month at $50 per hour

A superhero needs their sidekick just like a business owner needs an administrative guru to call on in times of admin-y needs, to use my skills and insights particularly on tasks not within your strengths and assisting you with day-to-day administration that you keep postponing on your to-do list. Perfect for those who require tasks to be completed on an ad-hoc basis.

Administration Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Ad hoc Administration

  • Basic Social Media Support

  • Creating Spreadsheets & Presentations

  • Word Processing & Formatting

  • Document Management

  • Online Research 

  • Monthly Zoom Meetings

Packages from 10 hours a month at $45 per hour

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