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VISIONARY. OPTIMIST. kind. all-round top chick.

Oh hey there, I’m Rachelle Kober, the El Capitano of Rachelle&Co.

Rachelle&Co came into existence three years ago as I felt the enormous mental and physical pull to leave my 9-5 stuck-to-the-desk office job and venture out into the world of Virtual Assistance. A title, that I had only heard of a few months prior that would soon become a new way of freedom, progression and income in my life and career. A lifestyle choice that would drive some bonkers working solo from a home office but for this introvert, it was a blissful change.

Three years later, I am now married, a mother and have offically left my 20’s. My ‘WHY’ has changed over the years since starting Rachelle&Co, but my love and passion in working for myself and helping others has always remained steadfast.

Growing up I have always had the entreprenuer and business owner mindset. Geez, the dozens of businesses I have already successfully opened and run in my mind is very impressive. As a kid I went through different phases of future career choices and the one that I am always reminded of is when I used to want to be a masseuse, charging family members for massages. Lighting candles, playing relaxation music, using aromatherpy essential oils, even making hot beverages for my ‘clients’. Even back then at the age of 10, I didn’t half arse the task at hand and provided that great customer service.

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