Rachelle Kober

Hey there, I’m Rachelle Kober, the owner and creator of Rachelle&Co.

Before I jump into my business background and what drew me into the world of remote work, here's a little about me. 

My personal life consists of being a mama to my human baby and three furchildren, iced coffees, movie/TV series binges with the hubby, lover of all things creative from graphic design, art and interior design and summer days on a weekend kicking back with a brew, old school beats and good company. These things make my heart happy. Do you know what else makes me happy? Helping others.

Rachelle&Co came into existence in 2017 as I felt the enormous mental and physical pull to leave my 9-5 stuck-to-the-desk office job and venture out into the world of virtual assistance. Over the years, I've had the privilege to work with some wonderful people who are doing incredible things. My mission was and always will be to help support business owners not only with their administration but also to be their supportive sidekick because as a fellow business owner, I understand that this can be a tough gig and a little support goes a long way.

Three years later, I am now married, a mother and have officially left my 20’s. My ‘WHY’ has changed over the years since starting Rachelle&Co but my love and passion for working for myself and helping others has always remained steadfast.

Growing up I have always had the entrepreneur and business mindset. Geez, the dozens of businesses I have already successfully opened and run in my mind is very impressive. My strong work ethic is thanks to my mother who for many years took me into her workplace during school holidays where I put my hand up to be their little helper. I would stamp envelopes, do their filing, clean up reception, make tea and coffee (terribly may I add) and other small tasks I could get my hands on.

But it paid off as ten years later I got some grown-up experience working within different industries with reputable companies as an Executive Assistant, Receptionist, and administrative all-rounder. I've grown a reputation over the years as a highly valued member of the team and known as the go-to person who uses my intuition and initiative to get the job done.

I'm friendly, Marie Kondo level organised, and have a big heart. I'm a Libra, INFJ-T Diplomat (Myers Briggs), and Projector (Human Design). For those who don't know what this means, it means I'm a fun-loving, analytical, altruistic, intuitive, creative, caring, introvert who is here to help guide others.

The Squad

Teneal Wellings

A bubbly, goal-driven, Capricorn who stops at nothing to get the job done. Teneal has been in the administration game for over 8 years in both Australia and Canada. She specialises in the areas of Event Planning although Social Media Management and Marketing is where her hearts at. This go-getter is a serious people person who leaves a lasting impression and we make a great team. Teneal is a subcontractor who assists Rachelle&Co on a casual to a part-time basis.

*Watch this space*

In 2020, the Rachelle&Co team will be growing with new professional VA's to help assist all clients.